5 Important SEO Trends For 2022


Search engine optimization is one of the most successful techniques to attract prospective customers to your website. But here’s the catch: you have to use it correctly. According to statistics, Google receives approximately 3.5 billion queries per day. However, whereas only 0.78 % of Google searchers click on results on the second page, the #1 organic search result in Google receives an average CTR of 31.7 %.

What do these figures mean?

To get organic visits, you need to be on page one of the SERP. That’s where SEO comes in. However, SEO is constantly changing.

Each year, new technology and strategies in the field of SEO emerge. Search engine optimization changes as search engines improve and new methods and solutions for improving site ranks emerge. 

If you ignore current trends, your business could endure a sales decline, which will not contribute to business growth in any way. Therefore, it’s critical to understand what trends to watch for and how to capitalize on them when they appear. 

This blog will look over 5 key trends that will help you succeed in SEO in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Play a Big Role in Search Engine Optimization

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a significant role in SEO strategy as people’s interactions with online content are changing due to artificial intelligence. Google’s AI algorithm RankBrain is particularly noteworthy, as it is expected to become one of the most important ranking elements for Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) in 2022. Many businesses have been wondering how RankBrain will influence SEO since Google announced it. How can an AI algorithm affect your content strategy?

While Google has not revealed the inner workings of how RankBrain learns and evaluates content, experts feel that one of the most essential ranking elements is user experience. This means that when RankBrain prioritizes content, it will consider the click-through rate and the duration of time consumers spend on a page. Therefore, when reassessing your SEO approach, it’s vital to develop well-organized and helpful content to attract and engage readers.

Content that Attains to Google’s EAT Principle

Google has often emphasized the significance of content quality for ranking success. However, this frequently leaves businesses uncertain as to what Google considers “quality content.” It’s crucial to remember the EAT concept while trying to increase the quality of your content for SEO purposes; EAT stands for

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness 
  • Trustworthiness

Google uses these variables to judge whether a web page provides quality content, and businesses should be aware of them while creating content for their websites.

It is essential to build buyer personas to ensure that you are producing high-quality content. Buyer personas can help you better understand what kind of content your target audience values. Buyer personas have become critical to effective SEO because they can assist businesses in creating content that is both interesting to their readers and formatted in a way that appeals to their target audience. It’s also critical to keep EAT in mind as you create your content. Make sure that figures and facts back up any claims you make and that you link to credible sources. Including authoritative links in your content is an excellent way to meet all of the requirements.

A Shift Towards Long-Form Content

You’ll need to switch to a long-form content strategy to ensure that visitors to your website are captivated and engaged. Long-form content (more than 3,000 words) has been demonstrated to receive more traffic and shares than short-form content (more than 3,000 words). Therefore, by focusing on providing high-quality long-form content, you can significantly enhance your search rankings. However, long-form content must be able to keep readers engaged to be successful.

Break up your information into many sub-sections using H2 and H3 subheadings to keep readers engaged. This will also make it more scannable. The idea is to make your content easy to explore for readers, especially on mobile devices, because large blocks of text can be scary to certain readers and can overwhelm a small screen. To increase SEO, you should also make sure that your content is easy to share. Include clear sharing links at the start and finish of your content so that people can easily share it with a single click.

Include Video for Effective SEO

It is critical that you build an SEO plan that involves video if you have not already done so. The fact is that online video platforms have exploded in popularity in recent years, and you may have noticed how many businesses are using platforms like YouTube and TikTok to communicate with customers and expand their reach.

Moving forward, creating optimized video content should be an essential element of your SEO strategy.

However, how can video content be optimized? 

One method to do this is to make sure your video channel description is optimized by offering a user-friendly summary of what your channel is about. To optimize your video content, you’ll need to use keywords. While you don’t want to stuff keywords into your video descriptions, a few useful keywords and hashtags might help your content reach its target audience.

A mobile-friendly website is Critical for Google Rankings

Since Google implemented mobile-friendliness as a ranking criterion in 2015, it has been a cornerstone of SEO. However, since Google launched mobile-first indexing in 2019, it’s more important than ever to optimize your content for mobile devices. 

This means that when ranking content, the search engine prioritizes the mobile version of a website over the desktop one, as the mobile version is regarded as the “primary” version. Many people were not surprised by this change, as it is anticipated that by 2025, approximately 75% of internet users will only use mobile devices to access the internet.

Fortunately, Google’s free mobile-friendly test makes it simple to see how effective your mobile site is. You can also use Google’s Mobile Usability Report to see whether your mobile website has any issues and what you can do to remedy them.

These tools can be extremely useful in assisting you in identifying and resolving mobile usability issues on your website that may be harming your SEO.

Leverage These SEO Trends to Enjoy Higher Rankings in 2022

It’s critical to keep up with the current SEO trends to ensure your company’s long-term success. Every day, the scope of SEO evolves, and getting to the top of the SERP in search results isn’t easy. Search engine optimization is complex, yet it is a necessary component of online competition. So, pay attention to the SEO trends for 2022 and improve your website’s rating.

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