7 Best Free Coding Courses No One Really Knows About


Hey Guys Welcome to my Blog. Today I will be talking about the best free coding courses that no one is talking about I’m going to share the seven best free online coding courses. By taking these courses you can level up your coding skills up to 100 percent.

So on that note let’s get started and talk about some of the best and the top free coding courses.

The first one I want to start with is one that I didn’t know existed until someone recently started talking about it and bringing it to my attention so I signed up for it just to see what it was all about and if it was something that I would recommend. Surprisingly it is one of the best coding courses designed for Beginners who want to increase their programming Skills. Let’s get into our List best coding courses.

Best Free Online Coding Courses:

Hack Reactor:

Hack reactor offers completely free Intro to the Coding Course. It’s a program you can go online and attend and it’s a great bridge for anyone who is just starting to learn how to code and into getting into a coding Bootcamp or to getting to the next step of their learning phase but if you are someone who is very beginner looking to start from scratch hack reactor has an amazing free coding course they also offer a premium course so obviously the premium one you do have to pay but if you click the link I’ll link everything down below if you click the link to hack reactor look at the self-study self-paced course it is a great course for anyone looking to learn javascript and have that foundation build.


Next on the list no surprise here is edx edx is something that maybe some of you are familiar with and have used and love for myself I did not know about edx till I guess until it was too late meaning I already had taken a lot of I’ve already learned code and was past that point there’s still tons I can learn on it but I wish I would have known about edx when I first started learning how to code edx offers courses from renowned universities such as Harvard and MIT for completely free one of the courses they are most famous for is their intro to computer science course from Harvard I’ll link it down below but it’s an excellent course that allows anyone to dive into computer science the fundamentals and the basics for completely free.

Khan Academy:

Third free coding course on our list is khan academy I think I’m pronouncing that right khan academy claw academy anyways it’s linked down below khan academy and condom academy has amazing courses for free from HTML CSS JavaScript python and beyond they offer a range of free courses that you can take right from the comfort of your home and they have courses for beginners or people who are intermediate and beyond.


the fourth one i want to talk about is kind of surprising on this list or maybe not but it’s so obvious it’s often missed which is youtube youtube itself is a platform that i spent so much time on learning how to code whether it be react tutorials whether it be angular tutorials or back-end tutorials and i think it’s one of those things that are often missed and i get asked a lot well how do you know if you are picking a good or bad course on youtube what signifies if it’s good or bad and here are some things that i look for the first thing i always look for is the date when was this video published and that is important because if the video was published two years ago three years ago it most likely is out of date or to some capacity out of date the second thing i look for is comments i read through the comments see what people have written about the video if there’s a lot of questions and a lot of uncertainty then maybe it isn’t the best tutorial or video the other thing i look for is views i’ve done some amazing tutorials that don’t have that many views so it doesn’t signify the view part doesn’t signify if i will or will not take a tutorial however having a video that has quite a bit of views you know lots of likes positive comments you know it’s probably going to be a good tutorial and i think that so many people get caught up on feeling as though they need to pay for a course or take a very structured course where youtube is you’re going to build things quickly meaning a lot of youtube courses are just more individual tutorials so it’s great if you’re looking to do an add-on to a tutorial that you already did or if you’re looking to kind of build like a to-do list or get your feet wet in a certain language or framework.

Skillshare Coding For Beginners:

Next on the list is a course by Skillshare called intro to programming this is a nine video series where you get an understanding of programming the basic concepts and it’s a really good tutorial or course for anyone to take that’s completely free if you are someone who is diving into coding but you are not sure which programming language to start with this gives you a big understanding broad understanding of the different technologies and the different languages out there and from there I think it’s a great way to help you narrow down what direction you want to go in.

Coursera Programming for Beginners:

Another amazing free coding course is offered by Coursera of course we’ve heard of Coursera or most of you have it’s a huge platform with some amazing courses and one of the courses that they offer for free is programming for everyone this is a very basic intro programming course they focus on python and it once again teaches you from the ground up with no coding experience no coding background you can take this course and come out of it with a solid foundation.

Udemy Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial:

Last one from our free coding lessons list is for anyone interested in php or my mysql or back in development as a whole this is an amazing course and one of the first courses i took when i was learning both php and my sequel for my first job which is intro to php and my sequel it is a course that is offered by Udemy for completely free and i had no idea this course existed when i think Udemy i think you have to pay a lot of money for courses typically so the fact that they have this free course available that is so highly rated is huge so if you are interested in back and development i highly suggest you check this one out and this course starts literally from the ground up you will learn how to install and download both php and my sql set up your environments literally from no programming experience to coming out of this course having a solid understanding of what php and mysql is that’s pretty amazing.

Let me know in the comment below what do you think about the free coding courses that I have mentioned in this Blog.

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