A vulnerability in WhatsApp has been discovered that might allow attackers to suspend your account remotely.


According to recent reports, a WhatsApp security hole exists that allows an attacker to entirely suspend a user’s account using only the user’s phone number. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no recognised solution to the problem.

This recently discovered bug works by having an intruder install WhatsApp on a new computer and then entering your phone number to unlock the appropriate chat programme.

Due to the two-factor authentication approach, which sends logic prompts to your computer, the hacker cannot verify. After the intruder tries and fails to log in many times, it will restrict your login for the following 12 hours.

The intruder will send a support message to WhatsApp from their email address, claiming your account as their own and alerting WhatsApp that your phone has been misplaced or stolen, and the WhatsApp account linked with it has to be cancelled.

Your account is then suspended after the service confirms this with an email response.


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