Best Upcoming Smartphones in later 2021


The smartphone industry is undoubtedly an interesting one, with regular releases updates. Most of the people are looking ahead to the following year’s models. However, there have been some strong rumours about what 2021 will bring in new phones before their manufacturers officially announce.

Here we have also gathered a list of upcoming smartphones according to news released by the manufacturers.

Galaxy S21 series

The price of the Galaxy S21 series ranges from 249.99 dollars to 599.99 dollars.
Galaxy S21 is likely to launch with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor, 5G. It will also come packed with improved cameras and high prices for one of the most expensive smartphones on the market right now! News reveals that this series might include support from Note’s stylus, but where does it store?
· Introducing the Galaxy S21, a phone that is sleek and stylish.
· With 4GB of memory, you’ll never be out of space for all those important photos or videos!
· Alongside our powerful processor, which can handle anything we throw at it without breaking into a sweat.
· This smartphone comes equipped with Android 8 Oreo OS preinstalled.
· Easier to use and carry around in your pocket or purse.
· Affordable price
· Immersive battery life.
· Lower screen resolution.

Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold

Price: 924.99, 1699.00 d0llars
For those who are always on the go, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the perfect smartphone for them. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 was a hit last year, and with the S series already supporting it, we could see Samsung enabling pens for all its flagship devices in 2021.
· It offers a whopping four GB of RAM and 128GB storage.
· It can fold out into an elongated tablet form factor
· Samsung Z flip and Z fold are updated models with internal modified features.
· Convenience design
· RFID protection
· Long battery life
· The long-lasting flip line of Galaxy Z devices are not best for the enterprise.

OnePlus’ next flagship

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro
Price: 969.99 and 883.99 dollars
The OnePlus 8T device was released a few months ago and launched their affordable Nord phones in the US this month. They will likely release new flagships to succeed it sometime within the first half of 2021.
· The company’s phones are gorgeous, powerful with an excellent price-to-performance ratio.
· An official dust and water protection included as well.
· It has an astonishing Snapdragon 855 processor with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB storage.
· This phone packs in 60W fast charging capabilities.
· The sleek aluminium body shell feels solid but light enough not to pull your arm out of the socket.
· A triple camera system at 12MP resolution plus an additional 20 MP ultra-wide shot for group photos.
· No wireless charging option.
· 64GB storage that is too small in the modern technological era.

LG’s V series

Price: 990 dollars
LG had a great 2020, with some updates to their phone naming schemes and an exciting release strategy. Phones are designed for unique form factors. Another excellent release came out this year too. The LG Wing gives us something new than just traditional screens on our smartphones.
· The LG V70 has a 5.7-inch screen.
· The LG V70 features a wide-angle lens and removable battery.
· The camera on this phone can take photos in landscape or portrait mode and panoramic shots that are three-dimensionality with depth for more.
· It has been designed to be lightweight.
· The phone has remarkable battery timing.
· Affordable cost.
· Bad picture results in low light.
· No protection against water.
Google’s phones Pixel 5A and Pixel 6
Price: $449, $999
Google’s new strategy is to shift its focus from premium smartphones towards mid-range devices with industry-leading Android software support. The new phone rumour has us expecting two models: one called “Pixel 6” and another related pixel 5A release scheduled later this year or next after Android 12’s arrival on our ecosystem.
· Google has finally released some new phones. The pixel 6 and 5A are both sleek.
· They are lightweight devices with impressive camera capabilities that will be sure to please any photographer.
· It arrives with long battery life.
· These models do not put a burden on your budget.
· Best phones for photography.
· Lower response time.
· Efficiency of a camera decreases in dim light.

iPhone 13 series

Price: 1199 dollar
It’s been a long time since Apple released an iPhone SE, but they’re back with the 2020 model in October. It will come out just as their new lineup is announced. So there is already news in the market of what we can expect from this year’s release.
· The iPhone 13 series is one of the newest models to be released from Apple.
· It has a sleek and stylish design.
· It stands out like wireless charging capabilities.
· Glass front screen for sharper viewing angles.
· Water resistance
· Powerful hardware
· The camera can be a bit sluggish.
· There’s not enough storage space for apps or photos with longer names.

Surface Duo 2

Price: 1499 dollars
The Microsoft Surface Duo was an interesting and innovative product with limited appeal to the people who need constant multitasking. With the recent coronavirus outbreak that forced the people to isolate themselves at home from work, it seemed like a bad time for such a product, especially since their first-generation model lacked 5G technology and had one of the worst cameras we’ve seen far.
· The Microsoft Surface Duo is a tablet computer hybrid with two displays.
· The first display has an 11-inch screen and can be used like any other laptop
· The second measures 4 inches thin enough to work perfectly well as one too.
· It gives the user more creativity and flexibility.
· Dual-screen facility
· Lower screen resolution

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