Chromebooks Are Fast But Not Recommended As Video Conferencing Machines


Chromebooks are fast and secure laptops that function well with Google apps, including Google Drive and Gmail. In addition, they offer a simple way to manage files and other information. But Chromebooks don’t offer much power under the hood, nor do they have many ports for connecting your office equipment – which are two things you need when hosting Zoom meetings.

So let’s take at some of the issues about using Chromebooks as videoconferencing machines.

1. Ram

There should be enough RAM to handle a multi-tasking environment. You should come with 4 GB OR 8 GB RAM to efficiently run your meetings and other office applications.

2. Ports

The biggest issue with Chromebooks is that they offer minimal ports for connecting office equipment such as microphones and speakers. So instead of utilizing the excellent HD camera on your laptop, it’s recommended to use an external webcam like Logitech C920 so you can also hook up a microphone and speakers depending on what type of Zoom meeting technology you’re using: USB depends on the meeting type. In contrast, built-in microphones and speakers work best for desktop sharing meetings.

3. Built-in cameras

Luckily, Chromebooks are coming to the front with HD webcams, but it’s not very power efficient (and you’ll drain your battery life); plus, it doesn’t come with its zoom lens, which is required when hosting Zoom meetings. Even worse, there is no provision for attaching an external webcam or microphone! So forget about hooking up to a teleconferencing system like ClearOne Chat 150/170 ( ) without additional adapters and dangling cords!

4. Power

Last but not least, Chromebooks are just too slow for hosting Zoom meetings because the camera and HD video take up too much processing power.
If your provider is running WebRTC conferencing technology on your Zoom account, Chromebooks are NOT RECOMMENDED to host meetings.
You are still wondering if there are any good uses of Chromebooks in hosting Zoom meetings? Think about using it when you’re travelling, or have a mobile office where you don’t have access to all the equipment you need.
If that’s the case, maybe you can get away with using this affordable laptop to join one-on-one meetings via mobile phone app via LTE connection. But it will be difficult if not impossible for more complex multi-person conferences because of low memory capacity and slow processors.

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