Elon Musk is working on the world’s largest rocket.

Elon Musk is working on the world's largest rocket.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corp., has worked on this for several years.(SpaceX), has been working on various space-related initiatives. One of his most recent projects is the Starship launch vehicle platform, currently being developed at SpaceX’s Boca Chica, Texas headquarters.

The rocket, which will replace the company’s mainstay Falcon 9 rocket, will carry out interplanetary and lunar missions. The new missile is also anticipated to help the business rapidly extend its Starlink constellation of internet satellites. This, according to Musk, will make it the world’s largest operational rocket.

Musk recently announced in a series of Tweets that SpaceX is currently working on the Starship’s first stage booster, dubbed “Super Heavy,” following the successful landing of a prototype of the platform’s upper stage.

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This year, chip shortages will limit Dell and HP’s ability to supply personal computers.

Customers continued to shop for personal computers despite the lifting of pandemic-related restrictions in many parts of the world, as Dell and HP reported quarterly revenue above Wall Street expectations.

However, Dell’s shares fell 1%, while HP’s fell as much as 6%, as both companies warned that a continuing computer chip scarcity could hinder their ability to meet laptop demand this year.

In a post-earnings call, Dell Chief Financial Officer Thomas Sweet said that increasing costs for these chips would cut operating profitability in the current quarter to the low to mid-single digits, resulting in somewhat lower sales on a sequential basis.

According to IDC figures, HP, the world’s second-largest PC seller, has warned that shortages will prevent it from delivering personal computers and printers until the end of the year.

Nonetheless, the company’s officials expressed confidence in the overall industry, predicting that the spike in demand for laptops needed by distant workers and students will continue.


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