For Its Interface, Android 12 Is Using an iPhone Specification.

Android 12

According to the leak, users can have better privacy controls, including a “Show Clipboard Access” checkbox in their privacy settings. If you enable this functionality, you’ll be able to view which apps are accessing the clipboard. The most significant difference is that these notifications appear at the top of the keyboard on Android, whereas they appear at the bottom of the keyboard on iOS.

Given that Apple’s iOS 14 features are primarily focused on user safety, it appears that Google has chosen to “paste” the same functionality from Android 12. This feature includes a user notification popup. In addition, the microphone, venue, camera, and clipboard were all accessible to the programme.

Another feature is providing an approximated location rather than the exact location when the app asks for it. In a nutshell, users can tell the app their thoughts and feelings, and the programme will decide for them.


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