How To Choose The Best Mechanical Keyboard: Which One Is Best For You?


A mechanical keyboard is a device that produces an audible clicking sound when a key is pressed. They’re often preferred over traditional keyboards because they last longer and can handle more abuse, and they don’t lose their efficacy or “feel” with use like membrane keyboards do. If you want to find the best mechanical keyboard for your needs but don’t know where to start, this article is for you. Our guide will help you choose the best mechanical keyboard for your application.


The main three types of mechanical keyboards are Mechanical switches. Mechanical switches are found in most mechanical keyboards, and they often come in numerous different varieties. The mechanical switch comes in two varieties: linear and actuation. Linear switches An actuation switch uses springs to activate a key. This type of switch is most common and is what you’ll see most often on a standard, inexpensive mechanical keyboard. Actuation switches, In contrast, an actuation switch works differently. Rather than pressing down a spring, that springs the key upward (like in the case of a linear switch), an actuation switch uses electrical signals to send a tiny shock to a key. This causes a resistance change and then generates a key to be pressed.

Types of Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are available in a variety of styles. While most keyboard manufacturers don’t differentiate too much between their keyboard offerings, there are a few different types of mechanical keyboards that you should know about. Mechanical Keys (model name: OEM) OEM keycaps are the standard keyboards that most computer manufacturers ship with. Manufacturers like Apple and Microsoft will replace keyboards in their computers with brand-new ones that have the same specs but will still ship with the old ones. In the case of companies like Apple, these keyboards are virtually unchangeable, so if you’re looking for the best mechanical keyboard for MacOS, you should look no further than Apple.

Choosing the Best Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are almost always a better choice if you want to edit digital images, write long documents, or games. What sets them apart from traditional keyboards, however, is how different each one is. The mechanical part refers to the switches that are pressed instead of the keys themselves. If you’re new to mechanical keyboards, you may be a bit confused about the different types of switches and what they can and can’t do. So let’s get into it! Barrier Switch: The most basic type of mechanical keyboard switch. You don’t have to press down a key all the way to activate it. Instead, you have to press the key in about 1/16 of a turn, or just one-sixth of the distance you usually would for an LED-backlit keyboard.

For Gamers

Gamer keyboards such as the Razer Blackwidow Elite are excellent options. The keyboard is not exceptionally light, but the quality is fantastic; it has enough mechanical keys so you can type at your own pace without wasting time trying to remember a keystroke. In addition, the backlit keys make it easy to see what you’re typing even in the dark. Razer BlackWidow Chroma and Corsair K95 RGB Gaming Keyboard both serve this purpose well. Both keyboards are beautifully constructed, with comfortable padding, backlighting, and programmable keys. Despite having a few minor flaws (like less RGB backlighting than others), they still offer a lot of value for their price range and give gamers a wealth of customization options.

For Typists

You may prefer a mechanical keyboard to a membrane or no-keyboard-required keyboard if you type lots of words quickly. They’re also less likely to make any sounds. Ergonomic keyboard A mechanical keyboard with an ergonomic wrist rest is one of the most popular mechanical keyboard types. It’s designed to be held at a slight angle when typing, which can help reduce muscle pain and discomfort. Keyboard noise Even though mechanical keyboards generally make no noises, you should still pay attention to their sound. If the keys sound harsh or rubbery or difficult to feel, the backlighting on the keys, the keyboard may not be a good fit.

For Students

Tempered-glass keyboards are pretty nice, as the keys can be made harder to press (like mechanical keys) so you can type more efficiently and effectively. But they can also get kind of pricey and will typically not be available at most school stores. Bluetooth keyboards, on the other hand, are relatively cheap and can easily last you years. They typically come in black or white, and come in five or six different colors, and can be easily swapped out by swapping the keys and trays. For Professionals, Professional grade mechanical keyboards offer more customization options than their counterparts and aren’t just sold in a few colors and models. These are simply the best keyboards for professionals that demand a certain level of quality.

How to Care For Your Mechanical Keyboard

The good news is that mechanical keyboards can last a long time, which means you can set it and forget it! TIn addition, they don’t require frequent cleaning because they’re made from either metal or plastic, which means that you won’t have to clean them unless you spill anything. Keyboard manufacturers also do a great job of offering protection. Most of them come with several different removable parts that make them easy to clean and dust resistant. Some also offer water repellent coating to help keep dust and other debris out of the holes, so you don’t have to worry about dust getting in there. In general, cleaning your mechanical keyboard is pretty easy! First, remove it from the base, which will usually pop right out, and then clean the keys.


In order to find the best mechanical keyboard for you, it’s important first to know which type of mechanical keyboard you’re looking for. Some people only want to use their computer for productivity-type tasks, while others want to play games or even games at work. You can consider buying a low-cost mechanical keyboard with a low number of switches and low response rate if you’re looking for a keyboard for general use. Alternatively, if you would like a keyboard that performs better but is still more affordable, you might want to consider a mechanical keyboard with more switches and faster response times. Choosing the correct keyboard for you can be a bit difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

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