Italy will begin testing highway charging stations for electric vehicles.

Italy highway charging stations for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles that can recharge while on the road. It will be possible shortly on a segment of electrified highway in northern Italy.

In a word, Electron is laying the foundation for the infrastructure by burying copper coils beneath the asphalt. Then, while driving, magnetic induction transmits energy to the vehicle’s batteries directly and wirelessly.

A control unit is located on the electrified road’s side lane as part of the system. In addition, a receiver is installed in the chassis of each electric vehicle taking part in the study.

In partnership with more than ten Italian partners, Electron is conducting the test. The most notable of these is Brebemi, which operates the toll road. The goal of the pilot is to see how effectively the technology performs on toll roads.

Brebemi will fund the trial project, with ElectReon providing the wireless electric road system. The device, termed ‘Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer,’ will be tested in stationary and dynamic circumstances on multiple electric vehicles.


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