Samsung’s latest commercials poke fun at the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera.

Samsung's latest commercials poke fun at the iPhone 12 Pro Max's camera.

It’s not uncommon for smartphone companies to make fun of each other now and again. In the past, Samsung has done so, particularly when competing with Apple. For example, the company mocks Apple’s high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max camera in new TV advertising.

The South Korean electronics business recently introduced new television commercials in the United States, which they also shared on their official YouTube account. In these commercials, Samsung compares its current high-end flagship, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, to Apple’s top-of-the-line product, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

“Your phone update shouldn’t be a downgrade,” was Samsung’s new catchphrase, which prominently showed in the advertising. For example, the two devices are shown catching a cheese sandwich in a setting in the first commercial. The Galaxy S21 Ultra keeps significantly more detail in this region than the iPhone 12 Pro Max because of its higher 108-megapixel image sensor.


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