‘Sarcasm Detector’ powered by AI Developed for Social Media by Researchers

'Sarcasm Detector' powered by AI Developed for Social Media by Researchers

According to an official release, a team from the University of Central Florida recently devised a reliably identifying sarcasm in a social media text.

The word emphasizes that it relates to an automated process of identifying all emotions linked with the text, whether good, harmful, or neutral.

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to logical data analysis and responses such as sentiment analysis to correctly identify emotional communication on social media platforms.

The researchers successfully taught the computer model to uncover patterns that usually indicate sarcasm and educate the software to accurately pick out the cue words in any sequences that are likely to suggest irony.

The model is calibrated to be precise. “The existence of sarcasm in any text is the biggest barrier in their performance of sentiment analysis,” says Ivan Garibay, an assistant professor of engineering.


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