What is SQM Club – Why SQM Club is Popular, What is the Purpose of SQM Club and How to Join it?


SQM is a Global Non-Profitable Organization founded in 2009 at Squak Mountain, U. S, aimed at working on saving Money and securing the climate and environment by imparting different practices and techniques in daily life routine. Due to the Efficiency and countless benefits and privileges of the Club, Over thousands of People from Different Industries, Sectors of Life have joined the SQM Club yet, and the numbers go on!

What is SQM Club & Purposes of SQM Club:

SQM Club is a Club founded at Squak Mountain, Washington, United States. These are the Major Purposes of Squak Mountain Club:

  • Save Money by cutting off your extra and unnecessary expenses at Home, College, Job place, or anywhere.
  • Sqm Club reduces the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere. SQM Club Calculator is a Web base calculator that gives SQM members authority to keep a check on their CO2 footprints & emissions. So SQM members can easily track and evaluate the CO2 tracks. 
  • Preserve Squak Mountain for Social, Public, Educational, Scientific Research, and Recreational Activities. 

SQM Headquarters and Where it is Operating:

Headquartered in Oxford, United Kingdom, SQM is currently operating and has members from:

  • Australia
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • Singapore

What SQM Members have contributed to CO2 savings (Facts & Figures):

  • According to the SQM Club Sources, Club Members have saved around 1,6 million tons of CO2 since 2015. 
  • SQM members have added positive efforts for a fresh atmosphere by improving Air Quality through different methods. 

SQM Calculator and Tool for Evaluating CO2 Emission:

SQM Calculator Tool is a simple but perfectly developed tool available to SQM members through which they can check the Individual Carbon Emission (Means Carbon Emission through the products they are using, and how much time they spend using mobiles and electronic gadgets, etc.). Carbon Emissions are counted in Square Meters. So keeping an eye on carbon footprints can ultimately improve overall Air Quality. This Software is currently limited to SQM Members and some other Non-Profitable Organizations. Still, SQM is intended to release this Free Software for All People Around the Globe, so their Mission to Save the Environment and Climate can be super-enhanced. 

Benefits, Privileges, and Advantages of being an SQM Club Member: 

Being an SQM Member you can enjoy following exciting 

  • You can meet people from different sectors of life; you can socialize with people from other professions and make new friends.
  • It can be a new adventure which ultimately gives more knowledge of surroundings.
  • SQM Activities can add freshness and increase the fitness of your body as you will be engaged in different physical activities too. 
  • Members can enjoy Different Deals and Discounts at local and multinational companies.
  • Can Participate in Different Events

The process to Become an SQM Club Member?

  1. Go to Google Play Store, iStore, OR SQM’s Website, and Download the Application.
  2. Install the SQM Application, and create your SQM Account and Enter the Designated SQM Club Code.
  3. Congrats! You are Now a Member of the SQM Club. 

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